What is a House Wash anyways?

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House Wash Explained

A house wash is the removal of organic growth and dirt. Overtime algae can grow on the side of your home that doesn’t get a lot of sun. No sun means the moisture’s sticks around longer thus feeding algae growth. Dirt is the stuff from the ground that’s now on your house 😁 but seriously from the wind and dirt driveways it can get pretty nasty! 

Black Mold 😮

We have all at one time heard of black mold and how dangerous it is. BLACK MOLD can become air born and cause upper respiratory infections, COPD, and asthma. We can kill it at the source and not just knock it off. 


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Pressure Washing Petal Ms

This is a house wash in Petal Ms for Vision Baptist.  Cleaning the exterior walls with low pressure and a soap mix.